What are The Tournaments Offered by Pokerlion App?

What are The Tournaments Offered by Pokerlion App?

Tournaments are the main attraction of online casinos. Online casinos have so much to give us than offline casinos. The main advantage of playing tournaments through an online casino is, you don’t have to bother yourself to go out. You can sit at your home and can think properly about the next move. Pokerlion App is one of the top-ranked online casinos in India. In 2018, it was mainly made to offer exciting tournaments through this site. The exciting tournaments are as follows.

Pokerlion Free Ride

To participate in this freeroll tournament, you have to be a part of this community. The winner will be rewarded with 500 rupees. The tournament runs every Sunday from 11 AM and 3 PM. To participate in this tournament, you have to pay some amount. After paying the amount, you will get a password for entering the match. 200 rupees for 1 day, 500 rupees for 3 days, and 2000 rupees for the whole week. Players except for the employees of Pokerlion are most welcomed here. The game that is played in the tournament is Omaha Poker. 

Pokerlion Super Player

Pokerlion App

The winning prize of this tournament is a stylish T-Shirt. You can earn a maximum of one shirt per day. This tournament is a freeroll type. Every day at 4.30 PM, this tournament takes place. The odds and freerolls change from time to time. So, the authority has the right to fix the withdrawal limit by themselves. 

Sunday Royal Flush

Every Sunday at 6.30 PM, this tournament starts. The game is Texas Hold’em. It is also a freeroll tournament. The winner has the chance to earn 5000 rupees cash. From newcomers to veteran players all are equally welcomed here. This tournament can be triggered with the lowest number of registration. 

1K Texas King

In this tournament, you have to buy your registration with 30 rupees. The tournament is a daily part of this casino. So whenever you want to participate, you can join. But you have to register yourself on the day of the tournament. The winning price is 1000 rupees. The tournament will start with the minimum number of registration also. Except for the employees, all players can participate in this offer. 

Freeroll Flush

This tournament runs from Monday to Saturday exactly at 3 PM. This Texas Hold’em tournament is also a freeroll tournament. You can win up to 500 rupees. This password-based tournament needs some deposit money. By rupees 200, you can get a password for 3 days and with rupees 2000, you can get freerolls for 15 days. 

There are other exciting tournaments on this website. But players love to play these tournaments due to being time -friendly and easy to win. Before participating in any of the tournaments here, must read the instructions and Terms & Conditions carefully. You can practice for free also. While you want to withdraw the money, you need to read the withdrawal laws first. For withdrawing the money of tournaments, Pokerlion has some rules to follow. Otherwise, you will have great fun here. 

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